Washington Overtime Rules

Beginning January 2023 the salary thresholds for overtime exempt workers increased to $57,293.60 for organizations with 50 employees or less and $65,78.40 for 51 or more employees.

Did you know this is part of a planned implementation schedule that will raise the threshold to $93,288 for all organizations by 2028?

This increase will have budgeting impacts for organizations that struggle with staff wages already. We know that staff in the nonprofit sector are overworked and underpaid. And we know that the answer isn’t as simple as handing out appropriate raises (you would done that already if this wasn’t a bigger problem!). As you think about your budgets over the next few years, keep in mind that you may be required to build in more for overtime pay or wage increases to meet the exempt threshold.

The Department of Labor and Industries has more information about increased schedule.