Our training and mentorship services are designed to help organizations improve their financial management and develop their team's skills and knowledge. We offer customized training and consulting services that are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each organization.

Our expertise in accounting and nonprofits enables us to translate complex financial concepts into an understandable format that is easy to comprehend for staff, management, and board members. We offer one-time training as well as ongoing support, depending on the organization's requirements.

Some of the training and consulting services we provide include:

financial literacy training for boards and staff

mentorship for staff

internal controls

financial policies

QuickBooks training in the nonprofit environment

government grants

revenue recognition

expense allocations

We work collaboratively with each organization to understand their unique needs and objectives, and then develop a customized training and mentoring plan to achieve their goals. We strive to make the training and mentoring process engaging, interactive, and practical to ensure that the organization can apply the learned concepts in their day-to-day operations.


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Deep Industry Knowledge

For 20 years I've worked with nonprofit organizations in a wide range of roles - auditor, tax preparer, consultant, bookkeeper and finance director. In these different roles, I've helped organizations design their chart of accounts and other tracking functions, assisted in researching and implementing new processes, and set up best practices in financial oversight and review. I've prepared 990's for a wide variety of organization types and worked to resolve issues with the IRS. I've also helped organizations through periods of staff turnover and through the recovery of a negative audit experience.

Passion for Organizational Success

I have a passion for working with small to mid-sized organizations and have extensive experience creating systems that work with limited administrative staff and  financial resources. 

There are so many organizations doing amazing work! I enjoy being able to help organizations fill critical needs in our community and beyond!